Kendriya Vidyalaya AFSBhuj

Committees for the academic year 2017-18


Name of the Committee

In-Charge & Members

Duties and Responsibilities




Academic Committee

DR. (Mrs) Narvada Sharma, PGT (Geo) I/C



Sh.G.D.Vyas, PGT (Hindi)

Mr.Nitin Kumar, PGT (Commerce)

Mrs.Anjana, PGT (Physics)

Mr.J.B. Rathod, PGT (Maths)

Mr. S.K. Pasha, PGT (English)

Mr. N.L. Soni, TGT (Sci.)

Mr. R.B. Meena, HM

Ms. R.N.P. Kaur, PRT

Mr. L.R. Meena, TGT(P & HE )


·      To conduct monthly subject committee meetings after school hours as per the directions or at least once in a month, monitoring of subject committee meetings.

·         To plan the academic activities in a befitting manner

·         To ensure proper implementation of all the academic programmes

·         Review of the Question papers that are framed in the Vidyalaya

·         To ensure necessary directions are given to teachers to maintain high academic standards

·      To conduct orientation programmesfor Back to Basics, ALCP & Assessment System introduced by CBSE/KVS.

·      Suggest the programmes/ strategies for academic excellence.




Admission Committee


Mr G.K. Thacker, TGT (WE) I/C.



Mr. P. Chaudhary, PGT (CS)

Mr.A.M. Tejwani, PGT (Maths)

Mr. R.B. Meena, HM

Mr.JayeshRavaliya, PRT



·        The committee shall be responsible for the preparation of the application forms as per the latest admission guidelines.

·        Monitoring of online applications status regularly.  

·        To help and guide the parents to fill online applications.

·        To complete OLA Activities as per KVS Schedule.

·        Short listing and preparation of lists as per KVS OLA Guidelines

·        To get the hard copies prepared for approval of the Chairman.

·        To maintain confidentiality of the process and observe high integrity.

·        The committee should ensure that the admission details are uploaded in the website of the Vidyalaya in-time.

·        To arrange the verification of documents and recommend the admission of the eligible short listed candidates.

·        To conduct admission test for class 9th admissions.

·        To arrange advertisement for the admission on vacant seats (if any).

·        To ensure entries of the newly admitted students in SR/Admission Register.

·        To arrange forwarding of the transfer/ non KV admission cases to RO, as per provisions of Admission Guideline. 




Audio-visual Committee


Mr. P. Chaudhary, PGT (CS)-I/C

Mr.G.K. Thacker, TGT (WE)

Mr. Naveen Sharma, TGT (AE)


·         To maintain the stock of audio-visual equipment in the Vidyalaya and add new equipment during the current year, as per need.

·         To ensure that necessary repair is done for the equipments.




Cleanliness & Security Committee


Mr.R.B. Meena,HM– I/C Security

Mr.L.R. Meena, Nodal Security Officer

Mr.G.K. Thacker, TGT (WE)- I/C Cleaning

Mrs.ShilpiSinha, PGT(Economics) – I/C Cleaning

Mrs.KashmiraMakwana, TGT(English)

Mr. R.K. Meena, TGT (Sanskrit)

Mr. N. Maheshwari (Sub Staff)



·         To ensure that the Vidyalaya is being maintained neat and clean.

·         To ensure that the Vidyalaya is cleaned and be present till the cleaning is over on daily basis

·         To maintain necessary records related to monitoring of the cleanliness of the Vidyalaya.

·         To distribute the work among the cleaning staff and ensure that the cleaning materials as required for them are being procured and issued to them for proper cleaning of the Vidyalaya from time to time.

·         To ensure that the cleaning staff are being supervised and work taken from them.

·         To report about the cleanliness of the Vidyalaya everyday in the morning before 9.00 AM and follow up if there are deficiencies.

·         To verify and submit the bills of conservancy contractor for payment along with certificate to the office.

·         To verify and check the quality and quantity of cleaning materials supplied by the contractor/ procured form market. 

·        To chalk out and implement the programmes related to Vidyalaya Swachchhata Aabhiyan with the help of class teachers.

·        To suggest programmes for enhancement of overall ambiance of the Vidyalaya.






Co-curricular Activities


 Primary Section:

Mrs.ApexaVaghela, I/C

Mrs.KirtiPithadia, PRT



All the House Masters of Primary



 Secondary Section:

Mr. Manish Katara, PGT(Hindi), I/C

Mr. Harish Ekapure, TGT (English)




All the House Masters of Secondary


·         To plan for the co-curricular activities in a befitting manner.

·         To ensure that all students are motivated to participate in the competitions

·         To ensure that all activities conducted are of desired standard.

·         To ensure that Morning Assembly programmes are conducted as per the KVS norms and to improve the standard of the Students.

·         To ensure that prizes and badges are procured and distributed among the students.

·         To ensure that the common minimum programme is being implemented as per the KVS guidelines.

·         To celebrate all important days in a befitting manner.

·         To ensure that the children are well prepared for competitions at the cluster / regional/national level. They should be selected from the beginning of the year. 

·        To constitute the student council under consultation with the class teachers,    house masters and principal.

·      To conduct monthly meetings of the student council and keep its records.

·      To conduct investiture ceremony and issue the badges to the members of student council.






Computer Lab & Website Updation Committee


Mr. P. Chaudhary, PGT (CS) I/C

Mr.JigarJobanputra (Comp. Inst.)


All Department In-charges (Exam, CCA, Time-table, Various Committees, Science &SST Exhibitions, Office)to provide information on latest events.



·         To ensure that the stock of computers is being maintained in proper order.

·         To maintain a record of use of the computers in the Vidyalaya.

·         To maintain the website of the Vidyalaya on day to day basis

·         To purchase and install all required software/hardware from genuine outlets.

·         To maintain records relating to the updation of the vidyalaya website once in a period of 10 days and positively by 5th, 15th, & 25th of every month.

·         To monitor the use of Computers and Internet by the students.

·         To check the computer laboratory and computers are maintained in clean state and ensure proper security of the computers in the Vidyalaya.

·         To ensure that the unwanted sites’ access are blocked and the computers are being used productively for the purpose of education only.

·         To ensure that the computers not working are immediately attended to and necessary action for their repairs taken.

·         To plan for the expansion and development of ICT facilities in the Vidyalaya.

·         To ensure that the reports in respect of the computers are being sent to the Regional Office in time (ICT INFRASTRUCTURE)

·      To process condemnation of old/obsolete IT articles.


ShaalaDarpan Implementation & DISE

(District Information System for Education)

Mr. P. Chaudhary, PGT (CS) I/C

Mr.JigarJobanputra (Comp. Inst.)


All class teachers and Departmental Heads

·      To get the attendance filled on day to day basis.

·      To update periodically the other information’s like student health data, academic achievements, exam results, staff information etc.

·      Updation of DISE data.


Co-ordination of Arts & Crafts

Mr.Naveen Sharma, TGT (AE) I/C

Mr. G.K.Thaker, TGT (WE)

Mrs.Sangeeta Sharma, PRT (Music)

·         To plan and monitor the Arts and Crafts Activities.

·      To arrange procurement of required items in time.

·      To arrange the painting of Vidyalaya name, quotes and other informations, helpful for students/parents and general public.






Mr. Rajeev Singh,TGT (Maths)

Mr. Vijay Prajapati, PRT


·         To compile the class wise details of fees collected every month and to submit the report for the perusal of undersigned.

·         To ensure that the fee has been collected at correct rates and also to tally the same with the CS-11 summary of daily cash collection/UBI Portal.

·         To submit the report on or before 10th of every month.

·         To check the fee collected class-wise during fee collection months.






Discipline Committee

 Mr.G.D.Vyas, PGT (Hindi) - I/C



Mr. L. R. Meena,TGT ( P & HE)

Mr.ManishKatara, PGT(Hindi)

Mrs.Anjana, PGT (Physics)

Mr. Khurshid Pasa, PGT (English)

Mr.KashmiraMakwana, TGT (English)

Mr. R.B. Meena, HM

Mr.Sachin N., PRT

Mrs.ApexaVaghela, PRT

All Class Teachers

·         To check for the discipline of the students

·         To ensure that the students come to school in proper uniform

·         To minimise the late coming of the students to the Vidyalaya.

·         To ensure that there is proper discipline among the students while coming to the morning assembly and while going back to classes after the assembly

·         To ensure that the students assemble for lunch suitably and maintain discipline during the lunch.

·         To ensure that students disperse for their home after the day's work in a disciplined manner.

·         To utilise the student council for the purpose of ensuring better discipline.

·         To conduct surprize checks to ascertain that no student is in possession of drugs, mobile phones, valuables or any other objectionable material.






Gardening & Beautification Committee


Mr.Om Prakash, PGT (Bio.)

Mr. N.L. Soni, TGT (Sci)

Mrs.LaxmiAtlasiya, TGT (Sci)

Mr. G.K. Thacker, TGT (WE)

Mr. Naveen Sharma, TGT (AE)

Mr. L.R.Meena, TGT ( P & HE)

Mr. R.B.Meena,HM

Mr.RasikRojasara, PRT


·         To ensure that the activities as suggested by the KVS for the Eco Club are being conducted.

·         To ensure the registration of maximum no. of students for various competitions/Science Meets etc.

·      To inform and motivate the students  to take part in club and other activities conducted.

·         The activities should start with Ban Plastics and Plant more trees from the month of April onwards.

·         To undertake projects related to beautification of Vidyalaya campus/building.  




Editorial Board (School Magazine, Brochure, News Letter etc)


Mr.Manish Katara, PGT(Hindi)I/C

Mr.Ajay Deshpande, PGT (English)

Mr.R.K.Meena,TGT (Sanskrit)

Mr.Naveen Sharma, TGT (AE)










·         To make children prepare class manuscript magazine

·         To keep a collection of photographs handy for publication in the Vidyalaya magazine

·         To motivate children to write for the Vidyalaya magazine

·         To ensure that the magazine is being printed and released by due date.

·         To ensure that the student editorial board is formed in the beginning of the year i.e., in the month of April and the work for magazine is started well in time.

·         To keep proper record of the work done 






Mr.Jitendra B Rathod, PGT (Maths) I/C

Mr.Mahendra Singh, PGT (Chem.)

Mr. Harish G. Ekapure, TGT (English)

Secondary section:

Mr.Sheikh Khursheed Pasha, I/C

Mr. SatyendraVerma,PGT (History)

Mr. PradeepKesharwani, TGT (Hindi)




 Primary section:

Mr. RasikRojasara,  I/C

Ms.Jignasha, PRT

Mrs.Khushbu Shah, PRT



·         The committee shall be responsible for the preparation of examination calendar and circulate the same in time - before 1st April 2013.

·         To ensure that requirements for the conduct of the examination shall be ordered well in time planning for the entire academic year in two lots for the First Term and for the second term

·         To take all necessary steps get  the Question papers for any examination be ready at least one week before the commencement of the examination.

·         To make the teachers aware teachers to set the question papers based on blue print and also the marking scheme should be submitted.

·         The Question papers shall be prepared manually and submitted for the approval of the subject committee and the same shall be computerised by the teachers and soft copy handed over well in time.

·         The examination duties shall be allotted systematically without any bias or favour.

·         To upload the marks/grades on CBSE website as per CBSE directions.

·         The dates for the submission of the evaluated answer scripts shall be systematically followed and the teachers in default shall be reported in time.

·         The analysis of the results of the examination should be done as per the KVS guidelines and handed over the undersigned within one week after the completion of the examination.

·         The plan for the CCE should be well communicated to the teachers, parents and the students.

·         Necessary training programme for the same shall be arranged.

·         The progress report as per the KVS guidelines shall be prepared timely and distributed. Necessary records of the examination shall be kept handy for inspection at any time by the Principal or the members of the inspection committee and also the Higher Authorities, when they visit the Vidyalaya.





Excursion/Adventure Club

Mr. L R Meena, I/C- Sec & H Sec

Mr.Pawan, PGT(Physics)

Mr. H. N. Vyas, TGT (Library)

Mr.Varun Kumar Yadav, TGT (S.St.)

Mr. Naveen Kumar, TGT (Hindi)

Mrs.ShilpiSinha, PGT (Eco)

Mr. Vijay Prajapati, PRT I/C - Primary

Mrs. Swati Rathod, PRT 

·         To plan for educational tours to places of educational interest as per the Guidelines of the KVS, separately for Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary.

·      To arrange vehicles and other amenities required for excursion.

·      To maintain high standards of discipline during excursions.

·      To arrange briefing sessions on safety & security during the excursions.



 Student health Check-up &

First Aid

Dr. Khanjan Modesra I/C

Mrs.Reena Rani ,Nurse

Mrs.L. R. Meena, TGT (P & HE)

Mrs.Indu Pal, Sports Coach

All Class Teachers

·         To ensure that First Aid Kit, required for the Vidyalaya is procured and maintained in at least two-three places and necessary first aid given to the students as and when required.

·      To arrange Health Check-up for the students & maintain Students’ Health Records

·      To inform the parents regarding health status and special/expert consultation as per need.





(Including Repair and maintenance)

Mr.Surya Pratap Singh, TGT (Hindi) I/C 

Mr.VarunKumarYadav, TGT (S.St.)

Mr.RasikRojasara, PRT

Mr. G. K. Thacker, TGT (WE)


·         To maintain class-wise inventory of the furniture.

·         To report for damaged furniture

·         To ensure that the requirement of furniture for the Vidyalaya is presented and items procured in time

·         To ensure that the stock register is being maintained in a proper fashion and as per the guidelines.

·         To identify the unserviceable furniture and process the condemnation.

·      To help the office in processing the purchase of new furniture.

·         To ensure that the furniture is being repaired as per the needs.





Games-Sports& Yoga


Mr. L.R. Meena , TGT (P& HE)

Mr. Sachin Nangare, PRT


Mrs.Indu Pal, Game’s Coach 

Yoga Teacher

·         To ensure overall development of sports and games facilities in the Vidyalaya.

·         To prepare and submit a calendar of sports activities before April 1st week.

·         To ensure that the necessary materials required for the Vidyalaya are procured as per the norms and maintained.

·         To ensure the timely conduct of inter-house competitions are being conducted for different houses/ and prizes distributed in time.

·         To ensure maximum participation of the students in various games and sports activities.         

·         To ensure that the competitions in the Primary Section are being conducted as per the guidelines of the KVS and the requirement of Common Minimum Programme attained.

·         To ensure that the prizes for the competitions are being distributed timely for the various competitions conducted.




Guidance – Counselling&



Mrs., HenaOganza, Educational Counsellor

Mr. Om Prakash , PGT (Bio)

Mr. Naveen Kumar, TGT (Hindi)

Mrs.Pankaj Patel, TGT(Eng.) 



·         To ensure career guidance talk every week

·         To ensure that the necessary guidance lectures are being arranged for the students from IX onwards.

·         To ensure that the students identified for special/individual guidance/counselling, are being given the same, as per their requirement.

·         To ensure that the guidance materials are being collected and displayed in a guidance corner in the Vidyalaya. 






House Masters

And Associates


Mr.AjayDeshpande, House Master Sec.

Mr.Surya Pratap Singh  (Asso. House Master Sec.)


Mr.AjayDeshpande, -House MasterPri.

Mr.Surya Pratap       (Asso. House Master Pri.)



Mrs.ShilpiSinha, (House Mistress Sec.)

Mrs.KashmiraMakwana, (House Master Sec.)

Mrs.ShilpiSinha, (House Mistress Pri.)

Mrs.KashmiraMakwana, N. Kumar (House Master Pri.)



Mr.SatyendraVarma,(House Master Sec.)

Mr.PradeepKesharwani, (Asso. HM- Sec.)


Mr.B. Kumar (House Master Pri.)


Mr. A. Bhowmick



Mr.OM Prakash(HM Sec.)

Mr. Naveen Kumar (Asso. HM-Sec.)


Ms.T. Majumder(Mistress Pri.)


Mr. M.P. Pandey


·         To conduct and co-ordinate assembly and other activities in CCA and sports.

·         To develop a competitive spirit among the students.

·         To prepare the students for the different competitions.

·         To ensure display boards is maintained properly and the contents therein changed every month during the last week of the month so that fresh matters remain during the next month.







Library Committee

Mr. H.N.Vyas, TGT(Library) I/C


Mr. Manish Katara,

Mr.Nitin Kumar,

Mr.Mahendra Singh, 

Mr. S. K. Pasha , PGT (Eng.)

Mr. N. L. Soni, TGT (Sci.)

Mr.Varun Kumar Yadav, TGT (S. St.)

Mr.R N P Kaur, PRT

·         To plan for purchase of library books for Primary and Secondary as per library policy of the KVS.

·        To ensure the proper function of class library system in the Vidyalaya.

·        To ensure that library books are being used to an optimum extent.

·      To suggest the development plan of library, as per need





Mathematics Club

Mr. Jitendra B Rathod, PGT (Maths) I/C

Mr. Ajay Tejwani, PGT (Maths)

Mr. Rajeev Singh, TGT (Maths)

Mr. S.D. Mehta, TGT (Maths)

·       To create interest among the students in the subject of mathematics

·       To conduct lectures and seminars on mathematics.

·       To conduct workshops to prepare necessary mathematics models.

·    To execute the plan for development of Mathematics Garden in the Vidyalaya.





Official Language

Implementation Committee


Karyanvayan Samiti)

Mr. G. D. Vyas, PGT (Hindi)

Mr. Manish Katara, PGT (Hindi)

Mr. Pradeep Kesharwani, TGT (Hindi)

Mr. Surya Pratap Singh, TGT (Hindi)

Mr. Naveen Kumar, TGT (Hindi)

Mr. H. N. Vyas, Librarian

Mr. Y. L. Bhatt, SSA  



·       To help in implementing the official language

·       To ensure that all correspondence received in Hindi is replied in Hindi

·       To ensure that all name-plates/boards, registers’& files name are bilingual.

·     To motivate the staff membersand studentsto give more respect anduse Hindi in daily business.

·     To promote use of Hindi by organizing workshops and competitions.’

·     To ensure celebration of RAJBHASHA PAKHWADA in befitting manner.

·     To submit all the required informations, reports, profarmas etc. related to implementation of the Official Language, to the office concerned.





Mr. Nitin Kumar, PGT (Comm.) I/C

Mrs.Shilpi Sinha, PGT (Eco)

Mr. K. Pasa, PGT (English)

Mr. PradeepKesharwani, TGT (Hindi)

Mr. Harish G Ekapure, TGT (English)

·         To prepare a schedule for PTA.

·         To arrange and co-ordinate the parent teacher meetings.

·         To arrange the executive committee meeting and to revive the same.

·         To maintain the records relating to the parent teacher meetings.

·         To ensure that parents of those students who have shortage of attendance or                                             unable to perform up to expected level be informed by the teachers regularly.




Purchase Committee

Mr. Varun Kumar TGT (S.St) I/C

Mrs.Anjana, PGT (Physics)

Mr. PradeepChaudhary, PGT (Comp. Sc.)

Mr. Mahendra Singh, PGT (Chemistry)

Mr. Ajay Deshpande, PGT (English)

Mr. Ajay Tejwani, PGT(Maths)

Mr. L Ram Meena, TGT (P& HE)

Mr. Surya Pratap, TGT (Hindi)

Mr. N L Soni, TGT (Bio)

Mr. Naveen Sharma, TGT (AE)

Mr. KaruVeljiSumar, Lab Attendent

·         To collect requisition from various departments, co-ordinate and monitor all the purchases to be made in the Vidyalaya.

·         To ensure that no excess purchases are made for the Vidyalaya.

·         To conduct market survey as per requirement & collect on the spot quotations.

·         To conduct physical verification of the items purchased, to ascertain the quality, quantity, specification and competitive rates.

·         To ensure that proper records of the items purchased are being maintained.





Science Club

Mrs.Anjana, PGT (Physics)

Mr. Pawan, PGT (Physics)

Mr. Om Prakash, PGT (Bio)

Mr. N. L. Soni, TGT (Bio)

Mrs. Laxmi Atlasiya

·         To ensure that an environment of science exists in the Vidyalaya and the activities are conducted properly.

·         To motivate children to prepare exhibits for the Science Exhibition and to ensure that they are being prepared in time.

·         To organize programmes for Celebration of Important days related to Science & Invironment.

·         To conduct competitions, Olympiads, NCSC etc,  as per KVS instructions.




Scouts & Guides / Cubs & Bulbuls

 Mr. Surya Pratap, TGT (Hindi)– SM & I/C

Mr. G.D.Vyas, PGT (Hindi) – SM

Mr. Pradeep Kesharwani, TGT (Hindi) – SM

Mr. Ajay deshpandey, PGT (English)- SM

Mr. Ajay Tejvani, PGT (Math)- SM

Mr. Naveen kumar, TGT (Hindi) – SM

Mr. J.K.Soni, TGT (SST) – SM

Mr. Rohitashav Meena, TGT (SANS) – SM

Mr. Rajeev singh, TGT(Maths) – SM

Mr. S.D.Mehta, TGT(Maths) – SM

MR. Harish Ekapure, TGT (English)- SM

Mr. OM Prakash,  PGT (BIO)- SM

Mr. Khurshid Pasha, PGT (English)- SM

Mr. N.L. Soni, TGT (Sci) – CM

Mr. Naveen Sharma, TGT (AE) SM

Ms.Jignasha, PRT,  I/C-Bulbul

Mrs. KashmiraMakwana, TGT (English) GC

Mr. RasikRojasara, CM

Mrs. Apexa Vaghela, PRT GC

Ms.Rattu kaur, PRT GC

·         To ensure that the Programme of activities are planned for the whole year in advance.

·         To conduct activities on weekly basis regularly.

·         To ensure that the reports are being sent periodically.

·         To ensure that the scouts, guides, cubs and bulbuls maintain proper records in respect of the scout activities.

·         To plan for various camps and testing programmes.

·         To receive the guests/VIPs with colour party.




RTI/RTE/ DEO/ Statistics

Mr. H N Vyas (Librarian)I/C

Mr. G K Thaker, TGT (WE)

Mr. J B Rathod, PGT (Maths)

Mrs.Khushbu Shah, PRT

Mr. R.NP Kaur, PRT

Mr. Y.L. Bhatt, SSA

·         To provide all important statistics to all departments in respect of the students or teachers of the Vidyalaya to agencies such as NCERT, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, State Education Department, Scholarship authorities etc.

·         To maintain the vital statistics in the Principals Room

·         To provide information to the website committee and monitor these details are also available in the school website




Subject Committees


All Subject conveners.(PGTs)

·         To plan for the work of the year and month effectively.

·         To plan for activity based teaching in the Vidyalaya.

·         To recommend for suitable remedial action to be taken for different students.

·        To ensure that the academic problems faced by the teachers are solved.




PA System



Mr. G.K. Thacker, TGT (WE)- I/C

Mr. N L Soni, TGT (Bio)

Mr. Naveen Sharma, TGT (AE)

Mr. Rajeev Singh, TGT (Maths)


·      To ensure that the PA system is maintained for the morning assembly and for all important functions.

·      To ensure that the important events of the Vidyalaya are being covered using digital photograph and uploaded on the website.

·      To arrange videography/photography of important events.




Teaching Aids/ CMP

DR. (Mrs) Narvada Sharma, PGT (Geo)

Mrs.Khushbu Shah, PRT

·      To ensure that the stock of teaching aids is procured as per requirement & maintained.

·      To ensure that the same is issued to the Teachers as per their requirements.




Time-table Committee


Mr. Ajay Tejwani,PGT (Maths)

Mr. Nitin Kumar,  PGT (Comm.)

Mr. S.D. Mehta, TGT (Maths)

Mr. Vijay Prajapati (PRT)

Mrs.Khushbu Shah






·      The committee is responsible for the arrangement work on day to day basis

·      The committee is to ensure that the time-table is unbiased and ensure proper work distribution for teachers.

·       The committee shall ensure that no class is left free on any day and proper arrangements are made according to the time table.

·     The committee shall also ensure that the teachers allotted arrangement work shall always engage the classes and no class remains vacant.

·      The copies of the time-table shall be placed in the Principal’s room, Office, Staff Room and respective classes

·      The arrangement work shall be circulated in time daily, and a copy should be displayed on the notice board.

·       The copy of the circulated arrangement should be handed over to the                            Principal on daily basis and kept in a file.

·       To frame the time table and monitor the changes in the same.

·       To ensure that necessary arrangement is made in the absence of teachers.

·       To ensure that the class attendance is marked by the teachers in the absence       of the regular teacher.

·       To display the time table in the Principal’s room and the staff room for reference.

·       To ensure that the class teacher are properly allocated and the alternative arrangements done in the event of the transfer of the teachers.

·       To prepare the Assignment Time table and also make necessary arrangements for the conduct of tests and other Examinations.

Checked up to this point 




Maintenance & Repairs of School Building& Staff Quarter


Mr. G. K. Thacker,I/C School Building

Mr. JayeshRawaliya- I/C Staff Quarter 

Mr. H.N. Vyas, Staff Quarter  

Mr. Ajay Deshpande, Staff Quarter  

Mr. RasikRojasara, Staff Quarter

Mr. Sachin Nangare, PRT

·         To ensure that periodical maintenance of school building and furniture is being attended to on need basis every month.

·         To ensure that the carpentry works required for the Vidyalaya are being taken up on need basis by maintaining a register for the same.

·         To ensure that the proper materials needed for the cleaning of the Vidyalaya plant are planned and procured and supplied in time.






Anti-Bullying Committee

Mr. Manish Katara, I/C

Mr. Satyendra Verma,

Mr. Pawan

Mr. L. R. Meena,

Mrs.ShilpiSinha, PGT (Eco)

Mr. Rajeev Singh, TGT (Maths)

Mrs.KashmiraMakwana, TGT (English)

1. Development and review of School Bullying Prevention Plan.

2. Development and implementing bullying prevention programmes.

3. Developing training programmes for staff, students, and parents.

4. Creating awareness through various programmes.

5. being vigilant and observing signs of bullying and responding quickly and sensitively

6. Names and contact numbers of members of the committee should be clearly displayed everywhere in the school premises, etc.

7. Schools may keep a complaint /suggestion box and regularly monitor the feedback received.

8. Parents must be motivated to support the school in bullying-prevention efforts.


Youth – Parliament

Mr. J KSoni, TGT (S.St.)

Mr. Pradeep Kesharwani

Mr. Varun Kumar

Mr. Harish Ekapure

DR. (Mrs) Narvada Sharma, PGT (Geo)

Mrs. Shilpi Sinha

·      To select the students for participation in youth parliament 2017.

·      Script writing and rehearsal.

·      To arrange the dignitaries for improvement, suggestion, and guidance.

·      To escort the participants for regional and further levels.

·      To ensure qualitative presentation.


Disaster Management & fire safety arrangement

Mr. J. K. Soni, I/C

Mr. G D Vyas

Mr. Pawan

Mrs.Khushbu Shah




·      To establish different committees for disaster management.

·      To allot Specific duties.

·      To coordinate with other agencies like fire brigade, hospital, ambulance, air force police, state police and AF control room.

·      To prepare evacuation plan and its display.

·      To arrange mock drills on fire / disaster and terrorist attack.

·      To train the teachers about SOP of MHRD/MHA.

·      To ensure proper arrangement of fire fighting equipments and its maintenance.

·      To conduct workshops for students and staff on disaster management.


Staff Meeting

Mr.AjayDeshpandey, PGT (English)

Mr. PradeepKesharwani, TGT (Hindi)

Mr. Surya Pratap Singh, TGT (Hindi)

Mr. Harish Ekapure, TGT (English)


·      To arrange staff meeting and maintain its records.



Mr. Y L Bhatt, SSA

Mr. Nitin Kumar, PGT (Comm.)

Mr. H N Vyas, Librarian

·      To help the office in keeping the accounts update.

·      To check the cash book and ledger of VVN and SF.

·      To arrange & coordinate accounts’ related works.

·      To ensure timely submission of Annual Accounts, Budget, Revised Estimates, Periodical returns etc.


Student Welfare

Mrs. Shilpi Sinha –I/C

Mr. S.D. Mehta

Mrs. HeenaDevjiOganaja

Dr. KhanjanModessara

Mrs. Reena Johnson


·      Checking of entries in T.C.  – Class teachers.

·      To address the grievances of students through grievance box, and maintain its record.

·      To suggest different ways/aspects for upliftment of the academic atmosphere and physical facilities in the Vidyalaya.

·      To arrange the career guidance, stress management and motivational sessions.

·      Coordination with state education department and provide necessary help to the students in the matters related to Scholarship& other welfare programmes.


Water Supply

Mr. G K Thaker, TGT (WE)

Me. Surya Pratap Singh, TGT (Hindi)

Mr. RasikRojasara, PRT

Mr. Sachin Nangre, PRT

Mr. NaranMaheshwari, Sub Staff

·      To arrange proper and adequate water supply in the Vidyalaya through coordination with MES.

·      To arrange testing for potable water.

·      To look after RO System, its operation and maintenance.

·      To look after water pumps, its operation and maintenance.

·      Periodical cleaning of water storage tanks (Underground & Overhead both).



Primary Resource Room

Mrs. Swati Rathod, PRT

Mrs.Khushbu Shah, PRT

·      Maintenance

·      To ensure proper utilization and maintain log book/ other records.