�If health is lost something is lost�

The Vidyalaya has to its credit a spacious and beautiful play field with faclilities for playing Football, Kho-Kho, Badminton, Cricket, Kabaddi, Handball, Athletics etc. The playground is well developed and maintained to meet the requirements of the students for their Physical Education. Regular Coaching in Cricket, Handball, Athletics, Kabaddi, and Kho-Kho is being carried out with the help of professional coaches. The vidyalaya have separate Basketball and Volley ball courts at its credit.




�Books open the door to the wisdom of ages�

Vidyalaya Library has to its credit around 10,000 volumes to meet the educational and recreational needs of both students and the faculty. Automation and Digitalization is the hall mark of the Vidyalaya Library. Digitalization of reading materials is being carried out to meet the demands of the students. Computerized Issue and return of books are in progress. Variety of Magazines and Journals has been subscribed for the benefit of students and faculty.



�Creating Next generation technocrats�

The Vidyalaya has three Air Conditioned Computer labs with Broadband Internet and networking facilities. The labs have been designed to suit the present day need for the students and faculty members. Qualified  and trained Computer Instructors have been appointed to take care of the labs as well the computer education programme in the Vidyalaya. These labs have become a hub for preparation of assignments and projects by the students.A Third Computer lab with all infrastructural facilities is being developed exclusively for the Primary students.



�In tune with latest technology for teaching and learning�

A Multi-purpose room with LCD Projector and wide screen for viewing has been developed in the Vidyalaya for Technology Aided teaching and learning. The room provides conducive atmosphere for the students and faculty for learning. A 29 inch Television, a VCD player  and a Computer with Broadband Internet facility has also been provided in this room for media oriented teaching and learning.



�Young Scientist at work�

The Vidyalaya has impeccable and well maintained Physics, Chemistry and Biology for the senior students. They are fully equipped with various kinds of modern apparatus which are required for the AISSE Practical Examinations as prescribed by the Central Board Secondary Education. The labs are also well stocked with models, chart and other specimen required for the proper understanding of the science subjects.



�The mother of Sciences in present era�

The Vidyalaya has to its credit a well equipped Mathematics Lab. The Lab caters to the practical needs of the students of Secondary and Senior Secondary classes. It helps in explaining the abstract concept into a visualized concept through models, charts etc. 



�A joyful learning experience�

The Vidyalaya focuses on the overall development of the students. In order to acheive this goal, we do out of the box approaches to make learning a much easier and intersting process. One such effort is development of mathematics park. The aim for development of this facility is to get children acknowledged with the basic two and three dimensional geometry. It also makes it easier for students to visualize shapes and learn about some general principles and theorems of mathematics in a practical manner, which is effortless and fun to learn.



�We guide�

The Vidyalaya has a career and counseling cell to help students in planning their future prospectus. Besides, the cell is regularly taking up counseling as and when required by the students.



�We care�

 The Vidyalaya cares for the health of its children, and thereby has a facility of Medical inspection room, which is fully equipped with all the necessary elementary kits and equipments. The medical facilities include a visiting doctor and a full time nurse to ensure adequate care of childen by professionals. A full-fledged medical check-up is carried out twice a year by Vidyalaya to ensure good health status of the students.