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KutchTourist Attractions

Kutch has a lot to offer tothe tourists and is slowly picking up as a tourist destination. The Kutch Mahotsav is organized here every year to promote tourism.There are a number of places to see in the district which will add on to yourexperience of visiting Gujarat. Thesightseeing tours across the district are one of its kinds, as they offer awide variety to the tourists. A tour of Kuchchdistrict is both pleasurable as well as informative. Through it, you can gaintremendous knowledge about the people living in this corner of India.So, unfold the enigma of Kutch and enjoyuniqueness of the place.

Bhuj issituated in the Kutch district of Gujarat. Itis the administrative city of Kutchand therefore occupies an important place. If you are traveling to Bhuj by roadthen it is around 396 km from Ahmedabad. Bhuj is an interesting place due tothe fact that it was once the capital of the Princely state of Kutch. This makes Bhuj one of the popular places in India,from travel and tourism point of view.

Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach
Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach is situated on the coastline of the state ofGujarat and is one of the finest beaches in India. It is located in Ahemdpur Mandvi, which is thehistoric port town of Maharaoof Kutch.

Dholavira is an ancient town situated in the state of Gujarat.It lies on the North West corner of the Khadir Island and standssurrounded by water in the monsoons. It was discovered in the year 1967 AD. Theruins of the settlement found here are believed to be more than 5000 years old.These excavation sites are one of the largest Harappansites in India.

Kutch Mandvi Beach
Kutch Mandvi is an important beach in Gujarat, situated at Mandvi. Mandvi is the historic port town of Maharao of Kutch,located at a distance of 75 km from Bhuj. Kutch Mandviwas once inhabited by the Maharao of Kutch and was animportant seaport.

Mandvi is situated at a distance of 446 km fromAhmedabad and virtually lies on the brink of the Arabian Sea. The city was once the summer retreat of Kutch Maharaos. It is believed that it was founded by the first Jadeja ruler of Kutch, Rao Khengarji, in the latesixteenth century.

Wild Ass Sanctuary
Wild Ass Sanctuary is situated in the Rann of Kutcharea of Gujarat. It was established in theyear 1972 and falls under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1973. The sanctuary isalso known as the Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary and covers an area of 4953 sq. km.